Invest In A Cost-Efficient Mobile Mixer For Concrete

Mobile concrete mixers are designed to mix concrete at the job site. This is in contrast to the traditional method, which involves having concrete delivered from a remote batching plant.


Mobile mixers are a cost-efficient solution for mixing and pouring concrete. Mixers like these can easily be moved around between job sites. Depending on the design, they are either mounted on a trailer or a truck. Since they are on wheels, it is extremely easy to move them from one work area to another.

Using mobile concrete mixers for sale are quite cost-effective compared to having concrete delivered. For one thing, workers can mix the exact amount of concrete that they need. That means that there are fewer overages and less waste. Instead of paying for concrete that you don’t use, you can simply mix what you need on demand.

JZR350 mobile concrete mixer
JZR350 mobile concrete mixer

Low transport costs

The transportation costs are also eliminated. All of the raw materials for the concrete are located at the job site. It is simply a matter of adding them to the mixer in the proper amounts, mixing them together, and pouring the concrete. With this method, you don’t need to pay any delivery fees.

Even more importantly, the concrete is extremely fresh. When you have concrete delivered, it often takes longer than anticipated to get from the batching plant to the job site. Traffic delays or other issues may keep the concrete truck from arriving on time. When that happens, water may need to be added to the concrete mixture. Unfortunately, that can cause it to weaken, permanently altering the strength of the concrete.

With a mobile concrete mixer:, on the other hand, the concrete is mixed at the job site and used immediately. That means that the concrete retains its original strength, which is important for most construction projects.

JZC350 mobile drum concrete mixer
JZC350 mobile drum concrete mixer

Ensure your project on-time

Projects are also less likely to be delayed when using a mobile mixer. If concrete is being delivered from a batching plant, workers may wind up having to stand around the job site waiting for the truck to arrive. Using a mobile mixer eliminates this problem. The concrete can be mixed as soon as workers are ready, helping to prevent unnecessary delays. Not only does that ensure that your projects get finished on time but it also means that you don’t have to pay workers to stand around waiting.

Finally, the concrete mix can be customized specifically to the needs of your project. Any aggregates, coloring agents, or other ingredients can be added to the mixture at the job site, allowing you to precisely control the mix.

Investing in a cost-efficient mobile mixer makes sense if you pour a lot of concrete. These mixers provide a much more efficient solution than having concrete delivered. By mixing it at the job site, you can save time and money, both of which can be beneficial for your bottom line. Even more importantly, you can precisely control the concrete mix, helping to ensure that the strength and appearance of the finished concrete meet the requirements of the project.